Who Made?

I have to interrupt my normally silly blog to comment on this article: http://stlouis.cbslocal.com/2011/04/13/collinsville-teacher-ousted-for-ordering-students-to-remove-underwear/ After 16 years in the ranks of teaching, I naturally find myself drawn to stories about teachers in trouble for their inability to problem solve correctly, or to control their words and actions. There should be a special Darwin Award for teachers who have zero common sense. Somewhere along the line someone forgot to tell this person that nearly ANYTHING involving a teacher and an under-aged human being’s underwear has the possibility of a prompt firing. I do see that the teacher didn’t go into the stall with the students, but he/she shouldn’t have handled the circumstances this way, or on his/her own.

The other reason that I was drawn to this story was that I was in a similar situation when I found a few of my students playing a raucous game of “kick the turd” during indoor recess one rainy afternoon. I immediately sent a reliable student for the custodian, and lined the entire class up for a bathroom break. As the kids were standing in line for the restroom, my sharply trained mom/teacher nose sniffed out the culprit. I quietly called him over from the line and privately asked him if he was feeling alright, rather than bluntly blurting out, “Did you crap your pants?” He immediately told me that his stomach had been hurting all morning. I had another reliable student summon another teacher to watch my class while I walked the poor little guy up to the office to call his mom. On the phone I mentioned that I thought he might have had an accident. Mom thanked me, picked him up, and everyone’s dignity and job was intact.

I guess I marvel at some teachers’ stupidity because I was always so incredibly careful about how I treated my students and their parents. As a parent, I always hoped that my own children’s teachers were treating them with the same care and respect that I treated my own students with. Of course, in teaching, there are always going to be children, parents, and situations that will drive you absolutely mad, but use common sense, and find a healthy outlet for your frustrations! End rant! 🙂 Sprinkles out…