Putting up Fences, Making Commitments, and Not Finding Spiders

Today was such a gorgeous day! My family and I erected (yes, I decided to use the word erected) a new split-rail fence in the front yard. (Gotta have something to keep those stray neighborhood kids from trying to pretend that they belong to us.) We had a blast building and painting together, and then going to our favorite Italian restaurant for an early dinner. Now we’re all stuffed, stiff, sunburned and slightly soused (well, at least I am). It was a truly fabulous, Leave it to Beaver kind of day!

Speaking of erections, Tom Baker over atThe Morning Erection is doing a 31 Days of Blogging Honesty challenge. All you have to do is commit to posting your answer to each of his 31 questions for 31 days. I’ve decided to participate because I have serious commitment issues; not so serious that I’d cheat on my husband or abandon a child, but let’s just say I’m not going to be the first one to raise my hand when someone says, “Who wants to be on the refreshment committee?” I’m pretty sure that committing to blogging honestly for 31 days is bound to reform me. Hop on over to his blog and check it out!

Despite the fact that I’m the proud owner of nearly graduated biology major, we have yet to determine the correct species of the three mysterious arachnids that have met an untimely death in said biologist’s bedroom. She seems to think that they are in the recluse family, but she also seems to think that she has pneumonia when it’s just a cold and bubonic plague when she merely has a mosquito bite. Whatever these spiders were, we haven’t seen any more of them. I have, however, armed my youngest daughter with the camera and have offered her a full five dollars for a clear, postable, shot of one of these little monsters. It is a well-known fact in our household that my youngest will do anything for five bucks, so I expect to have a pretty good shot if a spider shows up. Perhaps someone in the vast blogosphere can identify it.

I hope everyone has had as wonderful of a day as I have! Enjoy the remaining weekend! 🙂

Googling Spiders

We are in the midst of a spider invasion. Last night my oldest daughter found two, super creepy, shriveled up, cream colored spiders precariously hanging above her bed in their own individual little web sacs. Anyone who knows my oldest daughter knows that this was an emergency of epic proportions. Although she will officially have a bachelor’s degree in biology on May 14, and despite the fact that she did her senior research project with an etymologist and doesn’t mind insects, she is super-duper freaked out by spiders. My very tall husband speedily came to her rescue wielding a rolled up magazine and a wad of tissues, but even after these awesome arachnids were pronounced dead and given a proper “burial at sea,” my daughter still continued to fret over the possibility of spider relatives coming to seek their revenge on her as she slept. Her litany of worries began with “What if there’s an egg sac hidden somewhere in my room waiting to hatch?” to “What if they’re poisonous?” I assured her that they were most likely the only two spiders in her room, but after remembering my own ordeal with a brown recluse bite, years ago, I decided that the best action was to Google the little beasts to see if they were capable of any real damage. The only problem was I had only seen them smooshed up and dead, during their brief tissue viewing before my husband flushed them down the toilet. My daughter attempted to describe them to me as I typed their attributes into the search box in Google images: cream colored spider, looks shriveled like it’s dead even when it’s alive, builds a little web sac around itself. My first search yielded many spiders that looked very similar to this one:

Not the one!

My daughter is certain that this isn’t the right spider.

BUT, it also yielded this:

Not a spider, but super good!

Mm, I remember delicious ice creamy, chocolate chipity, Chipwiches from my childhood. They were the first ice cream novelty to break away from the traditional ice cream sandwich mold and feature chocolate chip cookies. (At this point my daughter shook me from the dessert-of-my-childhood reverie and reminded me that there was a potential killer on the loose.)

I tweaked my search: sac making spider, plays dead, cream colored. I ended up with this:


It’s definitely creepy, but still not the right creeper, so my cowardly daughter decided to sleep in the family room.

Late this morning she attempted to re-enter her bedroom, this time with her very brave younger sister holding a rolled up magazine, just in case. Before she could finish yelling, “OhmyGodMom! It’s another one!” and before I could yell, “Let me take a look at it!” her sister whacked it to death with a Woman’s Day.

So far the status is Spider 0/Humans 3, yet even after she thoroughly cleaned her room and inspected it for egg sacs, she’s committed to sleeping on the sofa again tonight. I, on the other hand, armed with a rolled up magazine and a digital camera, am on a quest to find out what type of spiders we’re dealing with! I promise to post pictures if I’m ever able to spy this elusive critter!

Happy weekend, everyone!