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Welcome to How Can I Complain!  Sprinkles is my mama. :)

Welcome to How Can I Complain! Sprinkles is my mama. 🙂

Welcome to my mid-life crisis! If you’re looking for a blog full of juicy stories of sordid  affairs and scandalous nights of partying, you’ve come to the wrong blog.  This time in my life is not so much a crisis, as it is a time of reflection, discovery, and excitement.  I’ve spent most of my life as a busy care giver, in so many capacities, that somewhere along the line I forgot to take the time to discover and explore my own passions. I created this blog to be used as one of  my many avenues of exploration and expression.  My posts are,  and will continue to be, about whatever silly or serious subject  is on my mind.

My blog’s title How Can I Complain? serves as a reminder to me that my life is good. Really good.  I have the most amazing, kind-hearted, respectful, responsible, and most of all, loving husband.  He’s a civil engineer with a wicked high IQ and a penchant for music of the 1970s.  We live in a small suburb of DC in a little house with our two seriously lazy cats and our energetic youngest daughter, who is a commuting college senior majoring in communications with a concentration in media studies.  Our oldest daughter is in her second year of medical school and our son is a freshman in college majoring in biology with the goal of going to dentistry school.

I’m a former elementary school teacher (for 16 years), and  a current housewife and trash TV aficionado. I’m an avid reader and am usually trying to finish several books at once.  I really enjoy writing both fiction and nonfiction, and hope to eventually write full-time in a professional capacity. I’ve already done some professional blogging and social media management for a local public relations firm and plan to complete my master’s degree in public relations once my youngest daughter graduates.  I have a very playful personality and laugh easily!  I look forward to reconnecting with my current blogging buddies and making many more writing friends here on Word Press!


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  2. Ah, I am the daughter of a recent(ish) empty nester (baby of the family!) I’m not sure if going away to college counts as an empty nester, as the offspring continually return for things such as shelter and food. It’s been official for her for a little over a year. I think my mom was actually excited to move to this stage of her life. I’ve always been super close with my mom, and while our relationship changed as I moved away to college and then completely moved out (hooray for total financial independence!) I must say I like how it’s grown and transformed. There are things I certainly miss about living at home as a high schooler, but I really am pleased with our relationship as it is now. I’m happy to hear you’re so close with your daughters 🙂

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