A Work in Progress: 50 Goals to Reach Before I Hit 50

Well, here it is, my new project!  I’ll be adding new items as I think of them. Some are things I’ve done in the past, but want to do again.   Once I hit the little blue rectangle that says “Publish,” I’m committed to make a go of all of them!  Wish me luck!

50 Goals to Reach Before I Hit 50

1. Pay for the drive thru meal of the person behind me.

2. Publish something

3. Plant a vegetable garden or at least a tomato plant  (I planted not one, but two tomato plants today!)  I also cleared an area, with the help of my daughters and the youngest’s boyfriend, to plant some more items.  I plan on doing even better next year!

4. Sew something

5. Take a writing class

6. Write a letter to someone who made a difference in my life

7. Reconnect with an old friend

8. Learn how to bake bread

9. See a Broadway Play

10. Find a snail mail pen pal (any takers?)   Thanks limr!!!

11. Visit Montreal

12. Go to a gay bar

13. Go 1 week without the internet

14. Refinish an old piece of furniture from a thrift store

15. Do impromptu stand-up comedy in a town far, far from home

16. Go to the Spy museum in DC

17. Have a murder mystery party

18. Watch a movie of my husband’s choosing and write a blog post review of it.

19. Add ten new words to Urban Dictionary.

20. Develop the perfect exercise routine

21.  Help a stranger

22. Make a list of 50 of my favorite movies and watch them

23. Have a mini-reunion with  my college buddies

24. Be Freshly Pressed

25.  Come up with 25 more fabulous goals!

26. Get a professional pedicure (can you believe I’ve never done this?)

27.  Get matching henna tattoos with my daughters at the beach I actually got a real one!

28. Write a rap song

29. Have a picnic on the lawn at Wolftrap

30. Learn German

31.Visit the Grand Canyon

32. Go on a week-long trip with only my husband (No kids allowed!)

33. Spend a day sightseeing in NYC

34. Go see hubby’s grandparents house in NJ that was build by Thomas Edison

35. Take a class offered by NAMI

36.  Go camping (can you believe that I’ve never been!)

37. Renew my wedding vows and have a big ol’ party!

38. Write a cookbook for my daughters (I’ve started this one!)

39. Reorganize my blog to have specified posting days, themes, and guest bloggers

40. Start writing again

6 thoughts on “A Work in Progress: 50 Goals to Reach Before I Hit 50

  1. I’ll be a snail mail pen pal! And I promise I won’t make up boyfriends or pretend family vacations like the first time I had a pen pal (it was 6th grade and she was never ever going to visit from Kentucky, so I figured I was safe ;).

    • Sounds fun! I’ll email you my address. Did you get your old pen pal from school? When I was in 6th grade we all exchanged addresses with children from a 6th grade class somewhere in NC. I was a really bad pen pal back then. I didn’t lie to my pen pal, but I also didn’t write her very frequently. I promise to be a much better pal to you than I was to that poor girl named Elizabeth all those years ago!

    • A pillow is actually what I plan to try once my ex MIL shows me how to use my sewing machine! (I’ve only had a “new” sewing machine for the past 6 years now!) I made a “sun dress” in 11th grade Home Ec. class. The teacher made everyone wear it to school for a group picture. (I just changed into it before class) It was so ugly and so roomy that I used it as loungewear (never to leave the house) when I was pregnant. One must have mad skillz to sew clothing!

  2. I came here from Teachers and Twits…the 50 list reminds me of my 45th year challenge (http://my45thyear.blogspot.com). 🙂

    I highly recommend a pedicure. Actually have a matching permanent tattoo with my daughter. And really WANT to write a cookbook for my kids (one now in grad. school, one a college junior), but haven’t started yet!

    Good luck with your list!

    • Hi Julie! I’m actually getting my first pedicure next Thursday! I’m hoping the fact that I’ve gone 47 years without one won’t cause too much of a burden to the pedicurist! 😉

      I can’t wait to check out your list. Maybe it will give me some ideas to finish mine! Thanks for visiting 🙂

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