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  1. I always watch doomsdaypreppers, but on tuesday january 15/13 the episode with tom perez, was very distrubing. He killed a goat on air and his children were there to watch this horrfic act of cruetly. I myself was shocked you would not give warning to viewers as well. There was no need to kill the goat as a training game. This is going overboard just for the ratings, shame on you , as I no longer enjoy the show due to the graphic scenes. Plus letting children use guns after , all the shooting in amercia, you shoud give your head a shake. Stop brain washing these poor children. Signed a non-user of guns in CANADA’.

  2. Learning how to butcher an animal is not an act of cruelty, knowing how to hold a firearm correctly so that they don’t shoot someone is not bad. Maybe if we taught our children some of these things, instead of allowing them to get use to killing on video games, there would NOT be shootings in our schools!

    • I agree with you to a point. Hunting is fine if the meat is being used. My father kept our freezer stocked with venison.
      As far as video game play is concerned, I believe it to be fine in moderation. Stable individuals won’t be influenced by media violence. Those people who are susceptible to influence probably would find their way to violent behavior with or without video game play.

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