Meet My Daughter…

My daughter rests after fighting off an evil intruder. Photo by Owen Rye

Remain calm. Don’t freak out. All is well, I promise. The fact that I have yet to use an exclamation point proves that I’m not upset. This is not a murder scene. In fact, my daughter, who appears to be the victim, was having a difficult time not laughing when this shot was taken. That girl is one tough cookie! (See, that interjection was a positive one.) She’s only momentarily resting in that disgusting pool of gore after fighting off an intruder, and you can best believe that the poor bastard left with aching junk and a depleted blood supply. Like I said, my kid is tough.

This picture is a still shot from a short flick that her film-student boyfriend, Owen made for one of his classes. Thankfully, this film was made at his house. I’m all for creative expression, but copious amounts of fake blood are not allowed in the confines of my home. They can spray and splatter my yard and driveway until Dexter comes to investigate, but one drop of that stuff on my hardwood floors and I’ll freak!

With my favorite holiday only six days away, I have several Halloween posts in the making, including a REAL ghost story that happened to me! I may even be tempted to vlog again, once I figure out what my costume’s going to be! Stay tuned!

Do you like horror flicks? What type? (I’m a psychological thriller kinda girl—no blood and gore for me!) What will you be watching this Halloween?


17 thoughts on “Meet My Daughter…

  1. I’ve never been a bit fan of horror films, though the ones I have enjoyed tend to be older – before directors started making things as graphic and realistic as they could manage. I can handle the implied blood and gore, but not a lot of the visible violence. Even the implied stuff will make me shut my eyes sometimes. For example (and here I’m about to reveal another guilty pleasure!), I was watching Supernatural last week and there was a scene when a guy gets killed by being nailed to the back of a porta-potty with a nail gun. He’s still alive and you see the nails in him and some blood dripping, but it’s still manageable. Then the gun levels at his head and you know the next two shots are going to go through the eyes. Suddenly, it cuts to the outside of the porta-potty, you hear the gun go off and see the nails come through the back. The shot stays long enough to watch some blood drip off the nail. Even though you didn’t see anything of the nail going through the eyes, I still flinched and instinctively shut my eyes!

    What can I say, I’m kind of a wimp 😉 I did really love Zombieland and Shaun of the dead though because I love a horror flick if it’s total camp! 🙂

    • Zombieland is great! My daughters and I have watched it several times. I consider it my video guidebook to the Zombie Apocalypse!
      I actually wasn’t allowed to watch horror movies as a kid, so I’m way beind the times on a good deal of them. I refuse to watch films like the Saw series or other super gory ones. My youngest daughter and her boyfriend really like the old ones, too. They’re also big George Romero fans, having met him at a horror convention once. My oldest daughter won’t watch them at all, but has said that going through gross anatomy has to be worse than watching any horror flick! 🙂

  2. love it! We enjoy October the entire month just for the great weather and fall beginning and then Halloween. I’ve been doing creepy posts, like every other day. AND a few posts ago, I talked about my ghost story. I think many people have them and just don’t admit it for fear of ridicule.

    I actually have a couple of stories. One just doesn’t have really anything to tell, except a feeling. The other had objects that moved. 🙂

    Lake Forest, CA

  3. I love that you opened with this picture, ha! It’s perfect, especially this time of year! And that blood looks so real!!

    I can’t wait to see your upcoming Halloween posts, and a vlog in costume is a GENIUS idea!

    I think my favorite scary movie is “Se7en” with Brad Pitt. I just watched “The Last Exorcism” which was pretty good!

    • Ekkk! Se7en almost made me throw up, but it was good! I haven’t seen The Last Exorcism, but I did watch The Rite a few nights ago and it was underwhelming.

      The film is only partially edited, but I was able to watch cuts that didn’t seem as eerie with Owen giving directions in the backgroud. It’s definitely creepy to see your child covered in blood, even when it’s consensual!

      What are you gonna be for Halloween?

  4. OH! Definately a Halloween Vlog, with you in your costume!!!! (and makeup, of course) Great opening shot, now that I realize it was only art/cinema. I took video and cinema courses in college, plus did theatre as a young teen, and always loved doing the makeup! Especially for horror! But I do not like horror films. However, I have been watching a lot of documentaries this month, tv shows on the paranormal on Netflix, and a few documentaries on serial killers. Those last ones are the best/worst! Check out the film about real life mass killer, Ed Geins (film by same name on Netflix) it’s much worse than a made-up Hollywood story…

    • Wasn’t he a cross-dressing cannibal? Or maybe I’m thinking of one of my relatives! Like I mentioned previously, I’m more into psychological thrillers than blood and gore. I love, love, love true creepy stories and will have to look that documentary up.

      I was a theatre minor in college and was in many plays from middle school through college. I’m not as proficient in makeup as I used to be. My oldest is really great at it. You’re very artistic, so I imagine that you have killer makeup skills!

  5. as teens, we’d go to all the great ‘haloween” and “Nightmare” movies and cheer or freddy and Jason. Kids. I like the ones that have you so creeped out that you want to sleep with a light on. For gore, gotta love the “Saw” series !

    • I’ve never watched the Saw series of films, but now that I’m older, I find Freddie and Jason movies fun to watch and laugh at. When I was a kid they would have scared me to death! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  6. I shake my fist at WordPress so much for failing to inform me–despite multiple revisits to my settings to confirm email subscription!–of your last two posts. It should fear ending up like your daughter in this picture if it keeps this up.

    I love supernatural horror. Anything that doesn’t have a supernatural element tends to make me feel both sad and sick to my stomach, since it’s the kind of stuff people could do to each other.

    I just had to pause the writing of this comment because Li’l D awakened and let himself out of his room. I returned him to his bed (like I have most nights so far), but we decided not to leave him there since he was shaking like a leaf. He couldn’t tell us why he was scared, just that he was scared. Now he’s in bed with Ba.D.–poor little fella!

    • WordPress has been wonky lately! I’ve had the same issues with some of my subscriptions.
      I know you’re a big horror fan and I hope the Halloween season had you happily watching all of your favorites! You’re right, if they have a supernatural element, horror films seem “safer.” I hate realistic violence. The scene that this shot was from was right after my daughter fought off a creeper. He got away at this moment, but soon my daughter recovers her strength and finishes him off in the driveway. H refuses to ever be a victim in any of her boyfriend’s films!

      Poor Li’l D! Both of mine began wanting to sleep with me around the age of two due to “being scared” Goodness knows, I had that coming as much as begged my mom to sleep with me when I was younger! I hope those scaries go away!! 🙂

  7. Hi there. I came by to se your MEME questions & I got this gory pic! ‘Meet my daughter’ – eek! Great page, but I’ll check in on you tomorrow for your meme.

    Seeya! 🙂

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