Kicking it; Bucket List Style

A goal met long ago. It's me as an extra in a PBS movie. I'm not sure who the dude in the chair is, but he looks very in character! (Photo by my mom!)

I’ve been thinking of a “Bucket List.” No! I’m not becoming morbid, but I will be turning 50 in 2.5 years and it seems to me that I’ve gotten a bit too complacent. My life has become a series of status quo induced, bland, events and I’m in need of some spice. So, late last night, with my trusty husband by my side, I began composing a list of 50 things that I’d like to do before I hit the half century mark. Here’s how far I got:

1. Pay for the drive thru meal of the person behind me.

2. Publish something

3. Plant a vegetable garden (or at least a tomato plant)

4. Sew something

5. Take a writing class

6. Write a letter to someone who’s made a difference in my life

7. Reconnect with an old friend

8. Learn how to bake bread

9. See a Broadway Play

10. Find a snail mail pen pal

11. Visit Montreal

12. Go to a gay bar

13. Go 1 week without the internet

14. Refinish an old piece of furniture from a thrift store

15. Do impromptu stand-up comedy in a town far, far from home

16. Go to the Spy museum in DC

17. Write and host a murder mystery party

18. Watch a movie of my husband’s choosing and write a blog post review of it.

19. Add ten new words to Urban Dictionary.


I pathetically couldn’t even make it to number 20 before I ran out of ideas and had to consult my trusty friend, the internet, for suggestions. After a quick Googling, I found tons of other people’s lists of things they wanted to do before they turned 50. The only problem was that most of these lists contained unrealistic goals for their set time frame. One dude, who happened to be 49, wanted to visit all seven continents, write a book, find a wife, and become a first time father. Unless this guy is rich enough to afford all of those travel expenses, writes a book while on his intercontinental flights, marries the first girl he meets on, has supersonic sperm and impregnates her on their first date and she gives birth to their child prematurely, it ain’t gonna happen! I found other lists that contained horrendous things that I’d never want to do, like spend a month alone in a jungle (ewww snakes!), win a spicy wing eating contest, (IBS anyone?) or go a month without bathing (why?).

With the net not being much of a help, I roused my dozing husband for advice. By this time it was well after midnight and I was in my usual state of punchiness. “How about adding watch the sun set from the upper deck of a cruise ship?” he suggested drowsily. I turned to give him my full attention, jiggling the sofa to further wake him. “Or, I could add, do an upper decker in the bathroom of a cruise ship,” I said with a giggle. He smiled sleepily. “You could take a trip on Route 66,” he offered in an attempt to keep the conversation sane. I moved in for a snuggle. “I could also write 666 on my forehead and take a trip to a Pentecostal church,” I said laughing even harder. He kissed my forehead with pity. “What about photographing all of the homes in our county that are on the National Historical Registry and posting the pictures on your blog,” hubby even more seriously suggested. I tickled him. “What if I photograph all of the homes of the people in our county that are on the Sex Offender’s Registry, and I post them at Wal-Mart?” I added. At this point my husband hauled me off to bed, deeming me too silly to write even a grocery list.

This morning, I awoke still pondering my list of goals to reach before turning 50. I thought of a few more items and I’m creating a new page for them on my blog. The fact is my “bucket list,” or whatever you want to call it, needs to be uniquely mine. As much as I would love to find answers via the internet or through suggestions from my hubby or blogging buddies, I know that I need to create list of activities that are realistic and distinctive to my personality and lifestyle. So, dear readers, stay tuned for my list. Also, out of curiosity, I must ask, what are some goals you’ve created for yourself? Do you have a timeline?

Mad, mad props must be given to the adorable Thoughtsy at Thoughts Appear. She has a great list of 35 things to do before she turns 35. She gave me full permission to modify and use her idea, and for that I am very grateful! Thanks Thoughtsy!

19 thoughts on “Kicking it; Bucket List Style

  1. I loved reading this! And that picture! How awesome is that picture?

    I look forward to seeing your bucket list take form over the time to come. It’ll be interesting to someday compare later versions to this earlier one. Imagine–if you’d gotten it all in one hit, you wouldn’t have been able to see the progression in thought. 🙂

    I don’t have a bucket list, but I did at one point write up a list of 101 things (I think it was) I meant to do over 1001 days. I’ve only done a handful of them so far, but even writing the list helped me be more conscious of the fact there are things I want to accomplish. I don’t want my life to just be about surviving day-to-day, and writing my list helped light a fire under me!

    • Thanks, Deb! I FINALLY got my scanner to work!!

      I’d love to see your list if you find it. My husband is making one, too–except his involves turning 60! It seems impossible to me that either of us are even near our true ages. I feel like I’m about 19 or 20 most days! 🙂

    • Thank you, Thoughtsy! We’ve been talking about going the Spy museum ever since it opened. I’m hoping to make it there before the summer is over. Thanks again for letting me use your idea!

  2. Hehe I LOVE your dialogue with your husband! You guys sound adorable. 😀 Best of luck with your bucket list! I’m interested in seeing what else will make its way on there. 🙂

  3. I will be 50 in August. This year. I do not have a bucket list. I have a bucket that I never use because that would mean I would be cleaning something. It’s blue. What was I talking about? Oh yes, bucket list. I dunno. As long as your bucket list doesn’t harm any animals or endanger small children what’s the harm? I need a drink. I think you are off to a good start and you should have 50 things. I like your list because I already did at least half of them without even trying! Talk to you later!

    • Hey Marie! I have a blue bucket, too, but I seem to have misplaced it! One good thing about my house being small is that it doesn’t take much to clean it!
      I’m still trying to think of items that are realistic to actually complete within a 2.5 year period–and that don’t cost too much! 🙂

  4. Great List! I don’t have one, but that Life Marker is only 5 weeks away….((shudder))

    Completeing my multi-use bomb shelter is one, I guess. My own organic garden is another (just finished it). Going to Boston was one (next week) so I guess, even without a list, a few goals are being accomplished.

    I wish you the best on nailing your list down and planting that tomato. (er, or you could just buy one already potted. Zing!)

  5. Thanks, Spectra and happy early birthday! I’m having fun thinking of new list items. I’m going to give #18 a try later today. I’m just hoping that my short attention span can hold out for it!
    Kudos to you for planting your garden! 🙂

    • Well, that (#18) is very do-able. Watch a movie with the hubster and write a review. Hope its something momentous and deep, ya know, like “Seriously, Dude- Where’s My Car?”

      • Still haven’t done #18. My husband decided that he wanted me to watch Chinatown with Jack Nickelson. The only problem is, we don’t own it and we don’t have Netflicks, so we’ll probably get it next weekend. I was afraid he’d pick a war flick–my least favorite genre!

  6. Dope bucket list…I got to write mines also…you have couple i like and want to do…
    pen pals, sew something, stand up comedy….I plan to rock the house though.
    nice post kudos.

    • Thank you so much. The photos on your blog are amazing! Maybe I should add “Learn to take a decent picture” to my list! I’m one of those people who never remembers to bring my camera! Thanks for visiting!

  7. I didn’t like it, because I wanted to know what your real list would be. Plus you make being over fifty sound like one is at death’s door : (

    Oh, by the way, now that I have you all flaterized and all. I actually do have a writer’s class. No writers except Jade and myself yet, but I’m still young enough to see it happen. *cough* *cough* o.O

    • Awwww, shucks! I didn’t mean to make 50 sound like I would be knocking on death’s door! LOL! 🙂 My husband is 55 and seems like a teenager to me! I only meant for 50 to be a benchmark for branching out a bit and accomplishing some new things. I still plan to be going strong at 50!:) I’m completing my list as I think of things and have it posted on a separate page.

      Do you have any info on the writing class? 🙂

      • Well, sometimes I’m not quite as smart as I’d like to believe I am. For instance “A Work in Progress: 50 Goals to Reach Before I Hit 50” should have given me some indication that you had goals and that in fact you wish to reach them before you are fifty : )

        I was actually inspred by this piece to write something about my own list. I just posted it. It’s on the same ste I have set up for Literature. Here’s the link–

  8. Wow, great start to your list! I had a hard time coming up with 30 things, not sure if i could come up with 50! Good luck on completing it and I’m sure it will add a little spice to your life 🙂

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