Where in the World is Sprinkles?


Howdy, blogging buddies!  You may have noticed that my posting has been a bit sketchy as of late.  I’ve been helping my oldest daughter prepare for her move at the end of this month, and trying to spend as much time with her as I possibly can before she goes.  I have lots of great post ideas, I just need to find some time of quiet concentration to put them in written form!  Until things settled down with her move, I may be posting less, but I’ll still be commenting and reading all of my subscriptions when time allows.  I’m certain I can average at least a post a week.  So stay tuned, I promise I’m not abandoning my blogging!  I enjoy it way too much! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Where in the World is Sprinkles?

  1. Enjoy your time with your daughter! I’ll enjoy what words I can get from ye in the midst of your savoring those moments. ♥

    • It’s 1:10 am here! It seems by the time I find time to write, I’m too tired to be anything but silly! I am enjoying my time with her and can’t believe that she essentially only has 16 more days at home. When people tell you “they grow up so fast,” believe them! 🙂

  2. Enjoy your mother-daughter time!

    I can relate — I have a ton of blog post ideas too; the hard part is getting them down.

    Looking forward to your future posts!

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