Seven Facts; Seven Sweeties

Four short months ago, I was slightly terrified to start a blog. Blogging seemed like great way to practice my craft and gain feedback from other aspiring writers, but I had my worries. What would I write about? Who would read it? Would anyone comment? Would I be able to stick with it? I’m so glad that I placed my fears aside and plucked up the courage to write my first post. All of the bloggers that I have encountered on WordPress, and beyond, have been so friendly and encouraging that in a short period time I feel like a full-fledged member of the blogosphere.

How Can I Complain? is a blog still in its infancy, stuck with me as its new mother. Parenting a blog may not require nightly feedings, but devoting the proper amount of time and dedication to assure that it flourishes and grows is a balancing act. Sometimes I find myself hovering over my blog baby, checking its site stats, like a helicopter parent suspended outside of a teacher’s classroom. Other times, like this past week, I’m so neglectful about writing that I picture my poor blog baby in a ratty playpen, saddled with a soggy diaper, and arms outstretched begging me to nurture it. That’s when a nudge from a blogging buddy comes in handy.

This week, I got that nudge when the fabulous writer limr, from her blog As a Linguist, presented me with the Irresistibly Sweet Blogger Award. Limr holds a special place in my heart because hers was the very first WordPress blog that I read and commented on and she was my first subscriber. She’s a wonderful wordsmith. She’s wicked smart and I always learn something new when I tune into her blog. Plus, she has cats that don’t object to wearing hats like mine do!

The rules of the Irresistibly Sweet Blogger Award appear to be that I’m to write seven random facts about myself, and that I pass this award on to seven deserving bloggers. First, we’ll hit the facts!

I really do have a wand! (photo by daughter #2)

1. I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd. I have a wand, and I’m not afraid to use it. (So far “Lumos” is the only spell that works, and that’s only when I’m near a light switch.)

2. Throughout my life I’ve been told that I look like Jayne Mansfield. (I guess I see it in the nose, mouth and well um, chest!)


3. I love wearing flip-flops! (In my neck of the woods, flip-flop season begins on the first warm day in March and ends when the temperature dares to drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit).

4. I’ve broken both of my ankles and my right middle finger. The ankles I broke skating and helping to install a pool liner. (Not at the same time!) The middle finger break happened while snow tubing and NOT from flipping too many people off as some of my friends speculated!

5. I was an extra in a movie my freshman year of college. Sadly, it wasn’t a cool movie. It was part of a Mark Twain series for PBS called The Tragedy of Puddin’ Head Wilson. It starred Ken Howard and Steven Weber. It was a fun experience, but not my ticket to stardom!

6. I’m a stickler for oral hygiene and I floss every single day!

7. I have an unnatural fear of eels and will only go into fresh or saltwater up to my knees. (Perhaps my fear is Freudian, but anything that looks like a penis with teeth or a turd with eyes needn’t come near me!)

Be gone unholy beast from hell!

Now for the seven fantastically talented bloggers worthy of the coveted Irresistibly Sweet Blogger Award! I’m following limr’s lead and choosing girls this time, but I promise my next award will go to the guys!  Bring it on blogger gods!

Cue the snare drums!!!  Here we go!

1. Deborah Bryan, from The Monster in Your Closet: Deborah is an amazing author, blogger, mom and human being. Her posts are honest, inspiring, and completely from the heart. Deb has had an amazing life journey and I urge you to check out her beautiful, well-written posts and novels.

2. Tori Nelson, from The Ramblings: If you need a good laugh, Tori’s your girl. Her posts are over-the-top hilarious. Need the answer for covering up a public toot? It’s there in her blog! Ya gotta read it!

3. Marie, from Marie’s Space: Marie’s writings are heartfelt and often humorous. She’s gutsy, capable, and a personal inspiration to me. Check out her space! It’s only a click away!

4. Renee Schuls-Jacobson, from Lessons from Teachers and Twits: Renee is one spunky little lady! She’s an amazingly dedicated professor and mom, and a very talented writer! You’ve gotta check her out!

5. Kristina, from Ten Minute Missive: I’ve just started following Kristina’s blog. She’s a former English teacher, and a current comic and writer. I really like what I’ve read so far, and I bet you’ll like her too!

6. Thoughtsy, from Thoughts Appear: This is another blog that I’ve just started following. Thoughtsy is 29 and has a list of 30 things that she wants to accomplish before she turns 30. I have to admit that I sometimes live vicariously through her adventures!

7. Monica, from Monica’s Tangled Web: This remarkable writer has been Freshly Pressed three times and once you read her posts you’ll see why. She’s witty, insightful and a pleasure to read.

Well, there you have it seven mad random facts about moi and seven irresistibly sweet award-winning bloggers! Thanks again limr!


19 thoughts on “Seven Facts; Seven Sweeties

  1. Aw, gee shucks! Thank you for saying such nice things 🙂 I was pretty nervous about the blog, too, which is why I really didn’t try to publicize or tell anyone about it for a year and a half!

    Yours is also one of the first I started following after “coming out” of the blogging closet in Feb. You’ve been doing great work here and I’m glad I could give you a little reminder of that 🙂

  2. Thank you, Sprinkles. Such an honor–and a sweet one at that. And congratulations to you, too. Well deserved. You have such an enjoyable way of writing and I just can’t believe you’ve only been doing this for four months! 🙂

  3. I can honestly say I have NEVER been called Sweet… not even Sweet-ish! Thanks, Sprinkles!
    (And in Tennessee, the Mark Twain PBS series would totally make you a rock star!)

    • You’re very welcome, sweet Tori. Hmmm, I’m skipping the beach next summer snd heading to the ol’ volunteer state! I’ll have my shot at fame and fortune yet! Just you wait and see!!

  4. congrats on your blog award 🙂
    I agree, it’s amazing how quickly you find yourself entirely a part of the bloggy world, with regular readers and people you feel like you know, even without having met them.

  5. Your comment about flip-flops caused me to exclaim aloud. In law school, I was so notorious for wearing flip-flops, most of my presents were flip-flop themed–necklaces, earrings, purses. I eventually lost or donated all of those items, but my love of flip-flop remains. The only reason I haven’t worn them for the last half-year or so is stupid plantar fasciitis. I had Ba.D. discard/hide all my flip-flops so I wouldn’t wear them and spend the next day complaining about how bad my foot hurt . . .


    Your caption for that eel picture? Win! So many kinds of win!

    What you wrote about me caused me to get something in both my eyes, when I first read it yesterday and again today. Thank you so much for the openness, positivity and honesty of your words; I am so, so glad that our paths crossed, and delight every time I get a “new post” notification with your name attached. I look forward to many, many, many more notifications in the days to come!

    Thanks for being here, and being a light. ♥

    • Awww, Deb, now there’s something in my eyes! I’m so very glad our paths crossed, too, and I always look forward to your posts and comments! 🙂

      I’m a total flip-flop girl, and would be so miffed if I couldn’t wear them. When it’s too cold for flip-flops I usually wear clogs. I hate to have my feet confined!

      Thank you for your kind words. Have a wonderful evening! 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂 My daughter brought the wand to me from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter a couple of weeks ago. The handle is a snake, so it appears that I’m in Slytherin House. I was certain that I was Griffindor material, but it now appears that I’m destined to do great, but terrible things!

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