Day 13: 31 Days of Blogging Honesty

Question for Day 13 — My favorite activity to do alone is…

I didn't plan on being one of these!

I would LOVE to have a super creative answer for this question, but the truth is I am very rarely alone.  My house is usually bustling with humans and felines, and anytime I leave my home one of them seems to be with me! Because I spend so very little time in solitude, I often fantasize about what I would do if I had a day, or even a few hours, to myself.  I imagine I would get quite a lot of writing done, perhaps read one of the novels that’s been waiting by my beside, or clean some part of my house that I usually neglect because it’s too time consuming. Today, by an odd coincidence I had a chance to find out exactly what I would do with some alone time. My daughter was called to work early and my husband didn’t get home until 5:30.  This gave me a full, glorious 90 minutes to myself.  Did I write or read?  Did I clean out my walk-in closet? Nope. I sat on my sofa like a sloth and watched Oprah interview James Frey, and then I watched The Barefoot Contessa. Actually, I must confess that I didn’t watch all of The Barefoot Contessa, I drifted off to sleep a few minutes after the show started. I’m sure once my daughter moves out in July and once the Fall semester begins for my younger daughter, that I’ll have boatloads of alone time.  Then, I’ll have a much better answer for this question, but for now I’m going to have to give the super lame answer of watching TV and sleeping!

8 thoughts on “Day 13: 31 Days of Blogging Honesty

  1. Good for you for taking a little time to stop and take a little nappy. Nothing wrong with that. 😉

    And, as you said, soon enough, you’ll be running around like a crazy woman again. It is rare for us to have days like that – where we can kick back and chill on the couch. So don’t feel guilty. You deserved it! And just think: that nap cost a whole lot less than a full mani/pedi/full body massage…

  2. I don’t think that’s lame! Of course, my answer is reflective of the fact that’s how I tend to end up spending my hours off. But never mind that! Let’s just leave it at: It’s good to have a few hours to not do anything, once in a while!

  3. It seems you need and your body wants to nap and watching TV to de-stress is a good thing for busy moms. Ina has some great recipes but I just can’t take her fake laugh for too long. Give me Giada.

  4. sometimes afternoon TV is just so satisfying, isn’t it?
    and naps are completely under-rated. we feel like we should constantly be productive, so when we sneak one in, the guilt almost makes it not worth it. *almost*
    i say, nap away!

    love 31 days of honesty! i have to catch up on the earlier ones! 🙂

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