Say Hi to Spidey!

Here it is, the little beast whose relatives have been enjoying our home, right up to the point of their untimely death. My oldest daughter took the picture, and after a bit of research she’s determined that it is most likely a long-legged sac spider.

Please don’t kill me!
From what she read, it’s only very mildly poisonous to most humans, but those with an extra sensitivity to spider venom are in danger of experiencing serious symptoms.  I don’t want to find out if I’m extra sensitive to spider venom!  Anyone have anything else to add about our dearly departed friend? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Say Hi to Spidey!

  1. “long legged sac spider”
    -After reading your description of this spider previously, I thought the name was a joke. But then looking at some google images, whatdoyouknow, that’s actually what it is called. Now if everything else could have such aptly descriptive names…

    • I just now noticed this comment. Thanks for the song! We’re still finding spiders here and there. I’m a super neat housekeeper, but somehow they’re finding their way in! Ick! 🙂

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